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Huge Full Size 13'x15’




Molded Aluminum Construction


Air Cushion Stands


Male Studio Spigot Reversible Adapter


Now supports 107" paper rolls using

   only 3 cross bar sections


Large Ergonomic Lock Knobs


Easy Fold Design


Carry Bag Included





Footprint:  48“ (each stand)

Collapsed/Storage Height:  3.9’

3’ Cross bars:  5ea

Weight: 21lbs

One stand: 6lbs


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The Ravelli ABSL model background stand is adjustable up to 13' tall by 15' wide. It is comprised of two tripod stands and five 3' cross bar sections and includes a heavy duty carry bag. The tripod stands have been designed with air cushioned shocks to provide smooth and safe adjustments. Also included is a reversible male studio spigot adapter which allows the use of photographic equipment with 3/8" or 1/4" threads. The adapter is also machined with two indentions to securely mount your light kits.


Safety Tips:

- Before using your ABSL stand, please inspect all joints, knobs and rivets to ensure the product is intact. The unit has already undergone rigorous quality inspections. However, your safety is first.


- When setting up the tripod stands, first loosen the set screw on the leg brace. Then pull the leg outward from the center pole and push downwards on top of the leg brace while holding the center pole. Once the legs are fully extended, make sure to tighten the set screw.


- Before connecting the crossbar sections together, please make sure that both male and female ends are clean and free of debris. Also inspect the poles to ensure they are not bent or pressed in so that they can easily be attached and detached from each other.


- Before adjusting the height of the tripod stands, please ensure the air cushion cap at the bottom of the center pole is securely in place. The air cushion is in place to prevent the height sections from crashing to the bottom. To increase the tripod height, loosen the top set screw then pull in an upward motion to the desired height. To achieve full extension, it is recommended that you first loosen the top set screw and fully extend the top section of the tripod. Once fully extended, tighten up the top set screw then repeat the process for the middle section then the bottom section.


For further safety and usage instructions, please refer to the ABSL product manual included

with your purchase.




Ravelli ABSL Photo Video Backdrop Stand Kit 13' Tall x 15' Wide with Dual Air Cushion Stands and Bag