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  Ravelli APGL4 70” Vertical Pistol Grip Ball Head Tripod with Upgraded Carry Bag


The APGL4 is unique due to its vertical pistol grip tripod head.


Squeezing the pistol grip allows the user to set the desired camera position simply by moving their hand. Gripping the tripod head and squeezing the ball release lever with the fingers, releases the ball joint and allows movement of the head to any angle. Releasing grip locks head in current position.


The height of the tripod head is set by adjusting the legs and center column. At a given height, gripping the head then allows the user to change pan, tilt and angle.


In the vertical position, the tripod legs support the ball as well as the head, camera, and lens above. As the head is tilted forward and back or to the side, the user’s hand is supporting more and more of the weight.


The Pistol Grip has a tension adjustment screw to set tension to the weight of your equipment.


Excessive torque on the ball mechanism can cause it to wear out and lose tension and eventually fail.


Long or heavy lenses can put excessive torque on the ball mechanism and are not recommended.


Because no single axis of movement can be locked with the APGL4 head, it is not recommended for video requiring smooth horizontal panning or vertical tilting.


The APGL4 is a substantial tripod weighing over 8lbs.


Each tripod leg has two horizontal flip locks which can be opened at the same time with one hand.  Each leg flip lock has a tension adjustment screw.






Vertical Pistol Grip Ball Head – The APGL4 uses a unique tripod head.  Squeezing the pistol grip allows the user to set the desired camera position simply by moving their hand. This allows for rapid changes in camera orientation without adjusting any knobs and only requires one hand.

This tripod is not recommended for use with long or heavy lenses.  This tripod is not recommended for level panning video.


Substantial Tripod – Please note that this

tripod weighs over 8lbs (4kgs) and collapsed is 34”(86cm) long. The tripod legs and head are made primarily of relatively thick aluminum.

This is not a light-weight, travel-type tripod.


Upgraded Carry Bag – The APGL4 comes with a carry bag that uses 1680D Ballistic Nylon material and 8mm zippers. The bag includes two carry handles, a carry strap and a side pocket.


Gearless Reversible Center Column and

High-Density Foam Grips – The center column is gearless, allowing for quick height adjustment.  Each end of the center column has a 3/8” mounting post, allowing tripod heads to be mounted in the normal position or inverted.

Two of the three tripod legs are wrapped in

high-density foam grips for textile and thermal comfort.


Quick Release Plate with Safety Button and Rubber/Spiked Tripod Feet – The quick release plate has both a screw lock and a safety button.  Pressing the safety button is an additional required step to fully release the camera plate, providing additional security against accidental slide off.  The rubber feet are retractable exposing metal spikes for use in alternate terrain.





   Maximum Height:   70"


   Minimum Height:   23”


   Minimum Height with legs Inverted:  0“


   Collapsed/Storage Height:  34”


   Leg Sections:   3


   Camera Screw Size: 1/4"  20


   Max Load Capacity:   17lbs


   Leg Diameter:  1”/30mm


   Weight:   8lbs